SEO Friendly: Make a Blogger Template for All Search Engine Friendly

Blogger is a popular CMS which is being used by millions of Bloggers. The best thing of it is that it is owned by Google which helps the web masters to engage their blog with Google and get more traffic from Google. There we can also install custom templates but one thing, most of templates are not SEO optimized because these are designed by different developers. So if you are also using any custom template or default template then you should check that it is search engine optimized or not. If no then you will have to optimize it for getting handsome traffic and improving errors in web master tools account. So in the today’s tutorial we are going to learn that how can we make our Blogger Template SEO friendly.

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In order to SEO optimize any template we need to do little changes in different part of our template. Below I’m going to discuss that all. You just need to read it carefully along with following the simple steps.

Display Post Title First In Search Results

Have you ever noticed that your post title appears after the blog title in search results ? If yes then continue following this section. First of all look the at the example below.

After seeing the above image, I think you have got my point. The reason why post title should appear first in search results is that when someone is going to search any content he will read the only few beginning words of title now if that words are matched with the content which he/she need then you will enter to that page otherwise he will leave it. In order to display post title first in search results simply follow the below steps.

  • Go To Blogger >> Template >> Backup Your Template
  • Click Edit HTML and Find For Below Code.
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  • Replace The Above Code With The Following Code 

<b:if cond=’data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;’>
<title><data:blog.pageName/> | <data:blog.title/></title>

  • Save Your Template & You Have Done! 
  • Let’s Jump To Next Step.

Adding Meta Description & Keyword Tags

So, This is another section our post and in this section we’re going to add meta description and keywords tags in your blog which will tell the search engine’s crawler that in which category your blog is based. It will also help the search engines to show your blog’s posts on proper keywords. In order to add meta description and keyword tags, Simple follow the below steps.

  • Go To Blogger >> Template >> Edit HTML
  • Find For <head> and Paste The Following Code Below <head>

<meta content=’YOUR BLOG’s DESCRIPTION GOES HERE’ name=’description’/> 
<meta content=’KEYWORDS GOES HERE’ name=’keywords’/>

  • Replace YOUR BLOG’s DESCRIPTION GOES HERE With Your Description and KEYWORDS GOES HERE With Your Keywords
  • The maximum characters for description is 150 characters and also 150 characters for keywords.
  • Finally Save It !

Optimize Post Title Using H2 Tag

This is said by many professional bloggers that we should use H2 tag in our post titles for better search engine optimization. By default in Blogger, H3 tag is used for post title but using H2 tag will be better. To use H2 tag in post title just follow the below simple steps.

  • Go To Blogger >> Template >> Edit HTML
  • Find For Below Code
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    <b:if cond=’data:post.title’>

  • You Will See Something or Similar Code Like The Image Below 

  • In the above image you can see in starting that post title starts with H3 tag now you just need to replace H3 with H2 and also replace the ending tag </h3> with </h2>. After replacing you code will look like below image.

  • After optimizing post title, Just save your template and you have done!
  • CONGRATULATIONS! Your Template is successfully search engine optimized!

From The Editors Desk

I’m happy to know that you’ve successfully search engine optimized your template. I hope this little long tutorial will bring huge benefit to you and your blog. Facing any problem ? Always feel free to ask in comment because your comments are always appreciated. Be in touch with us for more and also subscribe us. Take a lot of care of you and your family. Peace!

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