Remove Memory Card Password

Remove memory card password -  easy way
After forgetting our password, we start searching for “How To Remove Memory Card Password”. While searching, we often come to know about some memory card password remover tools that claims to remove password from memory card. There is a number of memory card password Unlocker tool available on the web, but most of them didn’t work and some are paid. If you are one of them who searching for a genuine way to Remove memory card password, then this article is for you.

How To Remove Memory Card Password With PC?

Below are the some basic methods to remove the memory card password with the help of a PC.
First Method:

For Android Users.

If you are using an Android device, then follow the below steps to remove memory card password.

  • First of all download ES file explorer from the store and open it.
  • Go to system folder and locate for a file named mmcstore.
  • Then send that file to your PC or laptop via data cable or via any other way.
  • Open that file with notepad on your PC.
  • After opening the file, you will able to see your password there.
  • Now apply that password to open your locked memory card.

Second Method:
If the above method is not working, then you can follow this method. Follow this method when you only want to recover memory card, because with this method we are going to format the memory card.

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  • Firstly insert that locked the memory card to your phone.
  • Now connect your phone to the PC via data cable.
  • Now right click on the memory card drive and then select the format. (It will not ask for password)
  • After formatting your memory card, your memory card will be unlocked.

Note– Use this method only when you don’t have any other choice, as this method will delete all of your data.
Third Method: 
If you are not an android user then you can follow this method. To use this method you need to arrange a nokia s60 device and then follow the below steps

  • Firstly, download any File Explorer app and install it. (Use FExplorer for Better result)
  • Now insert your locked memory card in it. (Don’t open)
  • Then run File Explorer, and go to the path C:system.
  • Here you will find a file named mmcstore.
  • Rename mmcstore to mmcstore.txt 
  • Connect your phone to the PC via data cable and transfer that file to your PC.
  • Open that file (mmcstore.txt) with notepad.
  • Here you will able to see your Password.

How to Remove Memory Card Password Without a PC?

Fourth Method:
To use this method you have to arrange a Nokia N series or a Nokia E series phone.

  • Insert your locked memory card in Nokia N series or Nokia E series phone.
  • And then format it (It will not ask for password)
  • Your memory card will unlock. But in this process, you will lose all of your data.
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Note– It is strongly recommended to use nokia N series or E series phone. If you want, then you can also use other phone, but on your own risk.


So we are at the end of this tutorial on How to remove memory card password. I think the above 4 methods are very basic and effective way to remove memory card password. If you are facing problem in any methods, then try another one, you will surely get success.

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