How to Use Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher is a great Android tool to remove ads, modify Permissions, bypass premium applications license verification, and more.To use this application, you need a rooted device.

A – Removing Ads

1 – For removing ads in apps tap to app and choose Remove Google Ads,
2 – Now you can patch ads or you can disable the services,
3 – For complete patch choose :
— Resizing Ads to Null/Zero (Or you can choose minimize too)
— Corrupt the Ads Receiver
— Black rectangle
— Offline patch
— Other patches

4 – Tap apply,
5 – After this go into remove ads page again,
6 – Choose Disable Ads Activities,
7 – It will show you the activities used for ads tap to disable these,
8 – You removed all of ads in app and you destroyed ads receiver,
9 – You can use modded hosts file for blocking ads http://forum.xda-dev…d.php?t=1916098

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B – Removing License Verification

1 – Firstly tap to app and choose Remove License Verification,
2 – Choose Auto Modes,
3 – Choose Auto Mode and Other Patches,
3b – If you have downloaded app from Amazon or Samsung Apps you should choose Amazon Market or Samsung Apps too,
4 – Apply,
5 – Come back Remove License Verification then choose Selected Patterns,
6 – Choose all of green patches in there,
7 – If Final License Verification doesn’t work choose Final License Verification (Inversed) and apply again,
8 – You removed license verification of app.

C – Patching Core.jar and Installing Modded Play Store

1 – This will patch core.jar for installing modded Play Store,
2 – Tap Toolbox,
3 – Choose Patch to Android,
4 – Choose Signature Verification Status Always True and Disable .apk Signature Verification,
5 – Then apply and say Yes,
6 – Your device will reboot twice,
7 – Finally go to same menu and you’ll see both of patches applied if not do it again,
8 – Tap Toolbox and choose Install modded Google Play Store,
9 – Choose your Play Store wait till it download & install and reboot,
10 – No more patching with LP. (for License Verification)

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