How To Hide Files (Gallery, Whatsapp Pictures, Video) On Android Without Using App

How To Hide Files (Gallery, Whatsapp Pictures, Video ETC) On Android Without Using App – See more at:

 How To Hide Files (Gallery, Whatsapp Pictures, Video ETC) On Android Without Using App
When it comes to hiding gallery files, Whattsapp pictures and files, Bluetooth files, videos etc, on Android devices, There are loads of app on play store to achieve this., But way to install app for functionality you can achieve easily withuot the use of third party app.    

There are different reasons to why someone may want to hide a particular folder from been seen in the Gallery. It may be some private files you want a private access to or perhaps, you don’t want your number 2 chick to see the pictures you snapped with your number 1 chick. *Smiles…

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Whatever the case may be, our aim is to guide you on how you can hide files from been shown under gallery in your android phone.

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Requirements To Hiding Files On Android Devices

Don’t get worried, their ain’t much requirements needed. Just make sure to have;

1. A File Manager app on your android phone.

2. Your uttermost follower-ship on this post.

Virtually every android phone comes with a file manager app pre-installed. If your’s doesn’t seem to have one, you can download from the Here or you can download File Explorer.

Steps To Hiding Files On Android Without App Or Software

==> First, launch the File Manager app and choose between the phone memory or SD Card. In this case, let’s use the phone memory and let’s choose to hide the camera pictures from been seen under gallery.

==> After launching the file manager app and choosing the memory source, Select the option button and choose to show hidden files.

hiding files on android device

Since we want to hide the camera pictures as a case study and the pictures are stored in the DCIM path under the phone memory.

==> Navigate to DCIM, you should see the Camera folder.

==> Tap and hold on the camera for it to be able to display its options and choose to Rename the folder.

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==> Simply add a dot (.) sign to the very first beginning of the letters (See screenshot below) and save. That should automatically make the folder look a little blur.

hiding files on android

Now, navigate back to your Gallery and you won’t find the camera folder shown. Doing that, you shouldn’t be scared of your chick no 2 seeing the pictures of your love escapades with chick no 1 LOL. Unless she’s the techie kinda person or she has come across this same post and decides to experiment using your phone.

Please be aware that, although the folder is invisible on the android phone, it will be visible when accessed using a computer but I don’t think you should worry so much about that.

If you’d like to hide other folders on the android phone or tablet, simply follow same procedures above and choose the exact folder you’d like to make publicly inaccessible.

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