he.net – Network Tools v0.5.3

he.net – Network Tools v0.5.3
Requirements: 4.0.3 and up
Overview: he.net’s Network Tools by Hurricane Electric.
This suite of networks tools implements most of the network diagnostics that you need as a Network Engineer or System Administrator. This is our first version, please help us improve it by giving us feedback.
+ Interface Information: Get information regarding your devices current network state.
+ ARP / NDP: Lookup local devices found on your network using either ARP (IPv4) or NDP (IPv6).
+ Bonjour Browser: Browser mDNS/ZeroConf services on your Network.
+ DNS lookup: Search for a servers DNS zone records such as SOA, NS, A, AAAA, MX, TXT, and rDNS.
+ IP Calculator: Calculate the Netmask, Wildcard, Network, Host range, and Broadcast for a given subnet.
+ Iperf (v2 and v3): Run TCP and UDP performance tests.
+ MAC Browser: Lookup the vendor name and address of an OUI.
+ Ping: Send ICMP packets to a single IPv6/v4 address.
+ Ping Sweep: Send ICMP packets to an entire subnet range.
+ Traceroute: Find the route packets take to reach your IPv6/v4 destination.
+ Progressive Traceroute: Get detailed statistics for a given IPv6/v4 route.
+ Port Scan: Scan a list of custom or pre-defined TCP ports on any IPv6/v4 server.
+ SSL/TLS Analyzer: Inspect SSL/TLS certificates of domain names.
+ Whois: Get information regarding domain registration, ASN, IP allocations and more.
he.net’s Network Tools are also available on IOS
The feature graphic is a derivative of “West Texas Lightning Storm” [https://www.flickr.c…jeffk/24820923] by jeffk, used under CC BY 2.0 [https://creativecomm…2.0/legalcode].
Version 0.5.3:
Bug fixes.
5 New Features:
+ Bonjour Browser (mDNS/ZeroConf)
+ Iperf 2
+ Iperf 3
+ SSL/TLS Certificate Analyzer
+ MAC Browser
Style changes and bug fixes.
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Download  EDS v1.6.0.148 patched download apk

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