Daily Expense Manager PRO v3.0.1

Daily Expense Manager PRO v3.0.1
This is the Ads Free version of the DAILY EXPENSE MANAGER.

*No Splash Screen*
*No Ads*
*Faster UI*
*Keyboard opens without click on Add Screen*
*More features and quick transitions*
*Better widget functionality*
This app helps in tracking all your expenses and incomes so as to put you on the path to financial stability.
•Keep Track of your expenses as well as income.
•Add different categories of income and expenditure sources.
•Place reminders for weekly or monthly regular transactions
•Receive notifications for reminders
•Widget for those quick-transaction-add times. These can be later handled in Pending transactions
•Expenses can be viewed by date, month, category and payment wise
•Keep backup of your all your transactions and mail them to keep a record
What’s in this version : (Updated : Jan 13, 2015)
Localization issue fixed
Reminder on daily basis
Amount display issue
Few bug fixed

UI/UX improvements

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