NS Wallet PRO password manager v2.2.2

NS Wallet PRO password manager v2.2.2
NS Wallet PRO is clone of the app NS Wallet with all the premium features already included and it requires less permissions than original version (google play purchasing is excluded). If you want to try first standard version of the app, download and install “NS Wallet – password manager”

NS Wallet is reliable and secure keeper for your confidential information (like passwords, credit cards numbers, pin codes, phones and etc).
Main features
– it is not necessary to remember dozens of your passwords, pin codes and other important pieces of information, you have to remember only one master password to access NS Wallet.
– all your information is encrypted using AES cypher algorithm, nobody will be able to access your private information even if your device is lost or stolen
– the app is very flexible, there is possibility to add any type of your own custom information
– the app automatically creates backup files and stores them in separate folder on SD card/internal storage
– app is locked automatically if it is not used
– embedded password generator can be used to produce highly secure passwords
NS Wallet PRO includes also all available premium features
– theme changing (you can select one of 11 beautiful graphical themes)
– fonts changing
– search functionality
– special folder “Recently viewed”, the folder is showing recently viewed items
– special folder “Frequently viewed”, the folder is showing frequently viewed items
– special folder “Expiring soon”, the folder is showing the items with the dates of one month in the future and earlier (very useful to track expiry dates of your credit/debit cards)
!!!!!! Important !!!!!!
1. Remember your master password by heart or put it down on the paper and put it into real safe. It is not possible to restore your data if you forgot/lost your password because the data is encrypted and your password is the only key to decrypt the data. Our support team will not reply any requests asking how to get access to your data if you lost your password because it is just not possible.
2. If you have any problem with NS Wallet, please, write to our support team ([email protected]) before giving it 1 star mark. 90% of all problems can be solved easily in 5 minutes.

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