Hacking Awareness v1.2.3

Hacking Awareness v1.2.3
Aware and educate the people so they never be hacked.

★ Just give 1 hour your precious time to this app and after reading your hacking chance is negligible and full knowledge of computer security.

If your system or devices is vulnerable just a 10 minute is enough to lose all your confidential information, data or private files and get locked out of your system. This apps for all people and you have to must read because security is primary concern for all of us.

What I am saying if you are not careful, aware what going on or prepare in advance you leave yourself in wide open range of attack. If you are hacked then realized that I should prepare in advanced, How and When this happened? Where did I do wrong? How much it cost to me?

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So it is better to get educated and read this app every section carefully.
If I tell you how you can be easily hacked? Then also told you that how you protect yourself from these hacking attacks.

These are topics that will be covered in this application:

★ What information hacker access too ?
★ Ethical hacking
★ Which tricks they used ?
★ What is phishing and social engineering ?
★ Which phishing technique hacker used ?
★ Different scams (how they deceive you ?)
★ How to detect the phishing scam ?
★ Why your account compromised ?
★ Just in one look find out email is fake or not
★ Tracing an Email
★ How and why Facebook account hacked ?
★ How to use Facebook in secured way ?
★ If your Facebook account hacked what to do ?
★ Hacking technique
★ Detect your PC is secured or not ?
★ How to make your Wi-Fi secured ?
★ Different steps to make PC secured ?
★ If you hacked what to do ?
★ Security tips
★ Complaint about different types of hacking
★ The PC means here is Microsoft Window operating system.

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Do not believe me, read it yourself. You will be very amazed or surprised.

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