Connection List v1.1

Connection List v1.1
This application shows and tracks all current TCP (ipv4 and ipv6) network connections.


This application shows and tracks all current TCP (ipv4 and ipv6) network
connections on your phone/tablet. It reads the data from the same location as
the famous netstat-tool (network statistics / network monitor), but with tracking

It’s very useful to know, if any application opens a connection to a remote server.
You can also check, if there are any listening sockets (open ports/servers) on your device.

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The main informations of this statistics are:
* Local-IP/hostname
* Remote-IP/hostname
* Connection-state (explanation on click)
* Time of connection create/change
* Ipv4/ipv6
* Application name if available
* Resolved hostnames

The options are for now:
* Enable/disable resolving hosts
* Enable/disable tracking
* Sorting by time, connection-state or app-id
* EXPORT list as CSV file

You can run this app as a background-service to track connections,
and to quick view open connections at the notification area.

This is the first version. If you have ideas for improvements, feel free to send me an e-mail.
This app is tested on various devices – if you found a bug nevertheless, please write too!

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What’s New:
* Sorting by app-id
* Export function
* Info-field onclick
* License-check improvements

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