cliMate Animated WeatherWidget v1.2

cliMate Animated WeatherWidget v1.2
cliMate Animated Weather Widget shows beautiful, fully animated weather conditions directly on your home screen. 3 years in development, it is powered by OpenWeatherMap, and completely unique on Google Play!

1. cliMate Animated Weather Widget, like all widgets, cannot run off the SD card. If your device has automatically installed it to your SD Card please move it back to your devices Internal Memory.
2. If using the Widget on a phone using a 5×6 or 4×6 size grid, it may not look correct. If so please resize the widget to 5×2 or 5×3 size.
Features unique weather animations:
Shining sun
Drifting clouds
Flying birds
Waving trees
Spinning windmill
Falling raindrops
Sheets of rain
Falling sleet
Falling snow
Lightning strikes
Ice cracks
Wind-blown leaves
Plane dragging customizable banner
Time & Date features:
Weather conditions follow time of day, Sunrise, Day, Sunset, Night
Clock follows location time-zone, choice of 12 hour digital, 24 hour digital or analogue
Night conditions show moon phases synchronized to date and hemisphere
Special animations at Christmastime, Halloween, etc
Different Themes:
Black Glass
More themes in development.. Email your suggestions!
Other features:
Add multiple widgets for different locations, smart search for name
Show temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit, humidity, wind-speed and direction
Tap widget for 5 day fully animated forecast, and swipe to see your different locations
Works on all major home screen launchers:
Stock Android
Samsung Touchwiz
HTC Sense
Go Launcher
Nova Launcher
Zero Launcher
How to use:
1. Go to your home screen
2. Long press and choose Add Widgets
3. Select cliMate Weather Widget 4×2 and tap or drag to your home screen
4. Choose your current location or search for city, e.g. “Paris”, “Paris, FR”, “Paris, France”
5. Widget with animated weather and time for your chosen location appears on your home screen
6. Tap widget to see more detail and a 5 day animated forecast
All weather data provided by
What’s New
1. Added French Language
2. Fix for ‘Cannot get Weather Data’ error when selecting city name
3. Improved current location accuracy, GPS changed from 6 digit to 14 digits

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