Windows 7 & 8 Transformation Pack for Ubuntu and Debian 8

WinAte released complete transformation pack for Ubuntu and Debian 8 lovers. Some people love to install Windows or Mac transformation pack on Linux operating systems. And this involves applying a theme and an icon pack, but some developers go through a lot of trouble to make the process easier.
“With this brand-new WinAte – Windows 7/8 Transformation Pack for LXDE – you will be able to get all the icons and overall appearance of Windows to your GNU/Linux box, without spending lots of resources nor having to adapt old Gnome 2 themes. Everything works just by executing the script. Just do that, logout and login again, and there should be a different feeling in the whole system,” says the developer of WinAte.

  • LXPanel
  • LXSession (>= 0.4.9)(icons, gtk theme and cursor)
  • PCManFM (wallpaper)
  • Compton
  • Openbox
  • SLiM (for login theme
Download  Microstockr v2.2.9 [Subscribed]

Download: WinAte- Windows 7/8 Transformation Pack.

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