Unified Remote Full v3.1.1

Unified Remote Full v3.1.1 Easily the most feature-filled Android-PC remote. Turns your Android deviceinto a WiFi or Bluetooth remote control for your Windows PC. Control yourfavorite programs, mouse, and keyboard.

Easily the most feature-filled Android-PC remote. Turns your Android device into a WiFi or Bluetooth universal remote control for your Windows PC. Mac and Linux support also available (beta). Control your favorite programs, mouse, and keyboard.DOWNLOAD SERVERhttp://www.unifiedremote.comSUPPORThttp://www.unifiedremote.com/support“Fantastic tool for those of you who want to have a remote control for their computer for watching TV, or maybe for listening to music.” – Gizmodo


* Supports Windows, Mac, and Linux.
* IR Actions (full only!)
* Quick Actions (full only!)
* Widgets (full only!)
* NFC actions (full only!)
* Custom Remotes (full only!)
* WiFi (TCP/UDP)
* Bluetooth
* Easy server and app setup
* Comprehensive server manager
* Automatic server detection
* Clear connection troubleshooting
* Custom/Android keyboard support
* Single/Multi touch mouse
* Hardware volume control
* Quick Switch using swipe gestures
* Quickly change servers
* Auto-pause media for phone calls
* Homescreen shortcuts to remotes
* Wake On Lan
* Server password protection
* 256-bit AES encryption
* Voice commands (full only!)
* Samsung Multi Window (full only!)

Download  Lighting calculations PRO v1.1.3


* Basic Input (Mouse & Keyboard)
* File Manager
* Keyboard
* Media
* Power
* Scroll Wheel
* Slide Show
* Spotify
* Start / Launcher
* Task Manager
* Windows Media Center
* Windows Media Player
* VLC (Keyboard)
* YouTube


* Create and use Custom Remotes
* Boxee (Keyboard)
* Boxee (Web)
* BSPlayer
* Command
* Chrome
* Firefox
* foobar2000
* GOM Player
* Google Music
* Google Presentation
* Hulu Desktop
* Hulu Web
* Internet Explorer
* iPhoto
* iTunes
* J River Media Center
* Keynote
* KMPlayer
* Mac OS X
* Magnifier
* Media Portal
* MediaMonkey
* Monitor
* MusicBee
* Navigation
* Netflix
* Numpad
* Opera
* Pandora
* Picasa
* Plex
* PowerPoint Advanced
* PowerPoint Basic
* QuickTime Player
* Safari
* Send Text
* Spotify Advanced
* Tellstick
* Tellstick Live
* Twitch TV
* Winamp
* Windows 8
* Windows Photo Viewer
* VLC (Web)
* XBMC (Keyboard)
* XBMC Advanced

Download  Ringo Pro: Text & Call Alerts v1.5.11 download apk

Note that some remotes are only available for certain operating systems. Check our web site for more details.


INTERNET: for server connection.
BLUETOOTH: for server connection.
WAKE_LOCK: for optional wake-lock.
READ_PHONE_STATE: for auto-pause.
ACCESS_WIFI_STATE: for server connection.
VIBRATE: for optional haptic feedback.
ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: for server connection.
NFC: for NFC actions.
INSTALL_SHORTCUT: for launcher shortcuts.
CHECK_LICENSE : for licensing checking.
TRANSMIT_IR: for IR remote control.

E-mail us if you have any questions about the permissions required.

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