How To Install DNS Tutorial With Picture


DNS or Domain Name System is a hierarchical distributed naming system of resources on a computer networks. It’s purpose is to translate alpha numerical domain names (names meaningful to humans) into logical IP addresses (addresses meaningful to computers) that allows computers to commuicate.

For example, if someone would like to access domain name, DNS would have to translate into IP address, example This way, users browser can contact the requested web server via the IP address and get the webpage.

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DNS Server installationInstallation of a DNS server on a server that runs Windows Server 2008 or Windows Server 2008 R2 operating system, can be done by going to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Server Manager.

To install DNS server simple follow these steps:

1. Open Server Manager and click on Roles > Add Roles link, and proceed with the next.

2. In the Select Server Roles, select DNS server, and then click Next.

3. Next.

4. Confirm installation Selections

5. When finished, simply close.

That’s it. Installation of DNS Server is complete.

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