dreamDroid v1.0 beta 30.7

dreamDroid v1.0 beta 30.7 This application enhances your Enigma2 receiver. Displays a TV and radio guide with full prime time support. Browse through your EPG and search for your favorite tv and radio shows. Stream channels and movies to your device. Edit timers and replace your remote control.

Become an official Betatester Today: Join the dreamDroid Community on Google+ and click on “Become a Tester”.https://plus.google.com/communities/107 … 0166050699An opensource client for enigma2 based dreamboxes.FAQ: http://www.reichholf.net/wp/dreamdroid/ … droid-faq/Supported Devices: dm500hd, dm800, dm800se, dm7020hd, dm7025, dm8000Unsupported Devices: Anything that is not a genuine Dreambox! This App is not compatible with “OpenWebIf”!Features:

★ Unlimited connection profiles (number of dreambox you can control using dreamDroid)
★ See what’s currently running
★ Browse channels and their EPG
★ Manage timers and set them using the EPG or create new timers manually
★ Search the EPG
★ Browse recorded movies
★ Use the built-in Signal Meter with accoustic feedback to adjust your Dish or check your receiption quality
★ Send Messages
★ Use one of two Virtual Remote Controls (Simple and Full)
★ Make a Screenshot and save it
★ Set a shutdown timer
★ EXPERIMENTAL: Stream your favorite channel or recording using VLC for android or other available players
★ Choose between a dark (default) and a light theme.

Download  Premium audio player v1.3.3-Premium download apk

If you have any questions or issues, please write me an email (german or english).

Try VLC Player, MX Player or vPlayer from Android Market for streaming.

Make sure you have excellent WLAN receiption and the latest Firmware on your Dreambox for a more stable streaming experience.

Please refrain from taking the streaming functionality as a major criterion for the app-rating. Because of the absence of capable videoplayers I do simply have NO INFLUENCE on stability and/or quality of streaming! Everything that dreamDroid can do has been implemented properly, all remaining issues are >99% player-releated.

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What’s New
1.0 beta 30.7
★ NEW: Improved servicelist usability (unsetting the favorite bouquet is now possible, bouquet buttons is always visible now)
★ FIX: Fixed missing loading-indicator on “first load”
1.0 beta 30.6
★ Design updates
1.0 beta 30.5
★ NEW: Implemented special “First Time” behaviour in servicelist (Bouquetlist will be opened, even if there already is a favorite set).
★ NEW: More Material Design
★ NEW: Allow fallback to old ActionBar based reload button via Preferences

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