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uTorrent is the most popular bit torrent client outside of China.  The client is free to download on the PC.  The popular behemoth of peer-to-peer file sharing also has an extremely popular fan-base in the Android world also. uTorrent on Android is free as well and for a version that is slimmed down, it is just as good at the job.
Recently a major update to uTorrent’s Android version has added on some illustrious features to the torrent-file manager. First of all it is worth noting that users of the uTorrent file manager can now select individual files within a torrent. Previous to this, the option was not available to uTorrent users on this platform. In addition to this, multiple improvements have now been introduced to the latest Android version of uTorrent. One such notable feature is the ability to delete torrents, files or both.  You can even change the location of a download even after it has started.  The guys at uTorrent have also issued multiple bug fixes and some performance tweaks have been thrown in as well.

Download  Android, the world's most popular mobile platform

uTorrent has been gaining wide attention for many years now.  The main reasons for this is because it is easy to set up, the client size is extremely small, and the client performs exceptionally well. uTorrent’s resource management is excellent also. The Android version of uTorrent does work impeccably and it allows users to access the same amount of content that would normally be reserved for PC users. The download speeds for the Android version are good, but of course this is still dependant on a good WiFi connection.
A free download of uTorrent is available on the Play Store.   If you want a quality, mobile-optimized peer-to-peer client, this is free of charge; uTorrent Android is a top choice.
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SOURCE: http://www.gamerheadlines.com/2014/03/major-update-for-the-free-utorrent-android-app-released/

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