Turn a USB Flash Drive into Extra Virtual RAM Memory



site Instructables has a guide on how to put a flash drive to good use by using it to increase the virtual RAM Memory on your Windows computer. For the best results, Instructables user MoritzB suggests using a USB drive smaller than 4 GB for this little trick. We’ve paraphrased some of the instructions for you.
Do you have a slow or old Computer? Also, do you have a USB Flash Drive? Then now you are able to extend its memory by Increasing the RAM of your Computer using the memory available on the USB Flash Drive. This stuff is a trick that Windows provided as a solution to boost a little of your RAM memory and evade those little lags that Windows produces when it runs out of RAM resource. Increasing the PC’s RAM using USB Flash Drive will help also enhance games performance and decrease the time of execution of some tasks made by software.

How to Use a Flash Drive as RAM Memory

Windows XP

1. Insert the Flash Drive then Right Click on Computer > Properties

2. Navigate to Advanced tab then click Settings under Performance section.

3. Click Advanced tab again, and click Change under Virtual Memory section

4. Select the USB Flash Drive letter from the list, click Custom Size .

5. Set the minimum and maximum size to use in the Flash Drive (better choose same size of flash drive)

6. Press OK and Apply all settings, Restart your Computer for changes to take effect.

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Windows Vista / 7

1. Insert USB Flash Drive into your computer.
2. Right Click on the USB Flash Drive > Properties
3. Navigate to ReadyBoost tab.
4. Select Use this Device and allocate the amount of memory to use (better choose around 80% of USB Flash Drive’s size)

5. Click OK to apply all settings, then Restart the computer for changes to take effect.

6. Restart Computer.
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