Humana Best Health Insurance Company In The United States


Humana is a for-profit health insurance company that was founded in 1961 and it is located in Louisville, Kentucky of United States. It has 43,400 employees that work with devotion and whole heartedly and enabled this company to reach at the peak of success and therefore it is at the top of the list of top ten best health insurance companies in United States. It is the largest American Company whose services are not restricted only to all United State but is also serving in Europe and Asia as well.

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Humana Inc. is a for-profit American managed health care company that markets and administers health insurance. With over 11.1 million customers in the United States, the company is the largest (by revenues) Fortune 100 company headquartered in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and has a market cap of over US $13 billion, $36.5 billion in revenue, and over 40,000 employees worldwide. Humana markets its health insurance services in all 50 U.S. states, D.C., and Puerto Rico, and has international business interests in Western Europe and Asia.

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