How to Format USB Flash Using CMD or MS-DOS Command

There are many software for formatting USB Flash Drive but this is the trick that Format Flash Drive without any software, One of the most useful built in application inside windows is the command prompt or call MS-Dos. In the order to format USB Flash drive every body use the Graphical interface of windows  you can Format the USB Flash Drive using the Command Prompt (cmd) that can be accessed from the Boot time pressing F8.

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1. Click Start > Run… or press Windows bouton +R and type cmd in the box then Click OK
2. The command prompt window appear.
3. Type the following command
Format X:

Replace “X:” with the letter of your USB Flash Drive.
You can use “diskpart” to list all drive letters.

4. If you want to format it as FAT32 then type

format X: /FS:FAT32
5. When it asks for pressing Enter again, just press it to confirm.

6. It will prompt you to enter a name for the drive, write it and hit Enter.

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