How to Decrypt or Read QR Code with PC and Webcam

How to Decrypt or Read QR Code with PC and Webcam
This trick is use to read quick response of QR code, QR code is type of barcode but it  has a faster readability and larger storage capacity compared to traditional UPC barcode.
QR code become more popular since it’s used in type of products like Cars, Phones, Computers, etc.
This is very simple trick to read the QR code with Computer software    ( scan the image with computer ) or Webcam   ( scan the image in a device ).
Following step by step tutorial will Decrypt QR Code using a Software or using Webcam.

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Scan  The QR Code Image
to Read QR Code Using PC Software

1. Download bcTester

2. Extract and install bcTester.
3. After installing setup, lanuch the program.
4. Click File > Open, or press Ctrl+O, select your pdf or image file.

5. Click the QR icon and Decrypt it, like image click on 1 and see the decrypted URL.

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How to Decrypt QR Code Using Webcam
Scan The Internal QR Code Imadge.

1. Download bcWebcam
2. Extract and install the software.
3. Launch the software and follow the next steps.

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