How to Make & Customize Your Own QR Code

How to Make & Customize Your Own QR Code
Generating your Own QR Code that contains your name or your website url is an easy task, but after making it, the qr code will look very boring and non attractive with its white background and black dots. Here is a tutorial on How to Create your Own Funny QR Codes easily.

1.  Go to  VisuaLead

2. Click free create yours!

3. Select the information to encrypt in a QR Code using the left menu, it can store the following.
Click on Website URL QR Code.
I am using Website URL QR Code.

4. Enter your Website name and click on Next.
5. Upload Your own image or choose below.
    I am uploading a image.
6. Resize the square where the QR Code should appear.
    Click on Create QR Code  and then click on Next.

7. It is ask for singin.

    Singin with Gmail or Facebook.
    I am using Facebook.
8. Choose Free Starting Out.
    Next page you will be able to download or Embed Website URL.

 Now you are done.

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