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Download C Locker Pro v4.5.0 | Size: 4.52 MB

Customize the Lock Screen you like, Launch the actions you need…quickly!
~~Please try the FREE VERSION before buying, some of the features may not be compatible to your device.~~Although without disabling the system lock screen, this app will still work. But it’s highly recommended to disable the system lock screen to get full performance of this app. just go Setting>Lock Screen>set lock screen type to NONE.
~~If you are having any issue after update, please email me(i check daily) instead of giving low rating.
~~Email: [email protected]

=====Extra Features for Pro version: =====
1. Things you can see from the Lock Screen:
—3rd Party Widget (Dash Clock Widget supported)or 4 types of default clocks
—RSS Feeds (CNN, BBC), Network Provider Name, Battery info..
—Calendar Events List Reminder..
2. Things you can customize on the Lock Screen
—Adding 3rd Party Widget
—Volume Rocker Control, long press to play/skip (next/prev) music.
—Screen Off Volume Skip (next/prev) music
—Locker screen sliding gesture actions with 4 directions (Up, Down, Left, Right)
—More than 10 custom shortcuts your can set to launch apps, direct call, direct sms
—RSS update interval and other settings
—PIN Unlock
—Analog, Digital Clock styles
—Clock background (Full transparent/Black transparent)
—Font Styles, Font Colors
=====Features for Free version: =====
1. Things you can see from the Lock Screen:
—Time, Date, Day, Next Alarm
—Weather Information
—Media buttons (previous, play, pause, next), this automatically shows if you have a song playing..
—Missed calls, New SMS, Gmail notices
2. Things you can customize on the Lock Screen
—Full Screen (hide the status bar…)
—Lock screen Wallpaper/Live Wallpaper
—To show/hide missed calls contact, new sms contents
—Own custom icon selection
—Screen timeout
—Unlock sound, screen off sound
—Disabling Default Home Button function, Long press Home Button to launch recent apps
—Weather update interval and other settings
—And many other customization
Change Logs:
-added: own custom color choice: Hex RRGGBB
-added: widget size 80% to fit DashClock Widget
-added: options to select unlock layout style: center, bottom
-added: display personal message on PIN unlock
-added: widget size selection: auto, 30%,50% (Pro), to especially better fit DashClock Widget
-added: sms from other device to unlock the locker
-added: option to Enable Proximity Sensor to automatically turn OFF the screen if the Locker is putting into the Pocket, Bag..
-added: dialog to apply color to all items(texts, blinking, icon background..)
-added: battery level color selection in bottom bar settings
-added: Custom Widgets are supported (Available in Pro Version only)
-changed: locker settings layout redesigned
-added: blinking, round Icon color/types selection in display settings
-added: option to disable custom widget on press
-added: option to disable Locker when launching shortcut app from locker
-added: option to delay Locker activation time when screen off
-fixed: disabled recent task window button
added: An Arrow Icon drag-able at bottom if you dont wish to see the battery bar
-added: options to hide bottom bar lists(gmail,events,rss)
-added: options to select bottom bar notice text color

 What’s New
Note: Some translations are not completed yet. will be updating..
Change Logs:
-fixed: landscape lock layout center view
-added: 2 types lock layout animation
-updated: the lock layout animation selection changed from “Display” to “Shortcut” settings
-note: some of the settings had been reset, you need to re-apply
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