iCleaner For iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch


All of us know about CCleaner in Windows, and Yes iCleaner is the alternative of CCleaner but for iDevices. iCleaner helps you clean ALL unused apps, cache files, temporary files, garbages from your iPhone thus clearing, speeding up and freeing up space in your iOS. When I first used iCleaner, and after a long use of my iPhone, it analyzed the system files and all the files and when I touched the button “Clean” it helped me to free up more than 2GB of unused files. You can use it too to clean up all the mess that happened with your iDevice. Also this is compatible with the latest iOS6 and iPhone5.
You can find iCleaner in:
  • BigBoss Source
Download iCleaner.Deb File:
  1. iCleaner 6.2.3-2.deb
  2. Install debs using iFile or any other
Download  ArtRage: Draw, Paint, Create v1.0.102
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